WCAG AA and Articulate Rise

an assortment of Pantone color cards

We recently fielded a question from a colleague related to accessibility in Articulate Rise. Their question was: “In practice, how does Articulate Rise conform to WCAG AA?” The tl;dr answer: Articulate has a report for how Rise conforms to WCAG criteria for A and AA. It provides good information, if you read the notes. Specifically, some criteria … Read more

Supporting Human Rights

Protesters marching and holding Black Lives Matter signs.

From the very beginning, one of our core values has been giving back: to the elearning community; to our local communities; to global causes. Our belief that everyone deserves an opportunity to learn drives much of our charitable efforts toward human rights, education, inclusion, accessibility, and conservation. We recognize that human rights in our country … Read more

Learning DevCamp 2019

Sarah is presenting at Learning DevCamp in Salt Lake City. Her session is From Print to Screen: Interactive eBooks for Mobile Learning Tuesday, June 11 – City Creek – 8:30am to 10:35am Attendees: Download Session Files & Resources

Labels in Articulate Rise 360

Let’s say you are creating a course in Articulate Rise 360 and want to modify the labels. You will probably go to the “Settings,” then “Labels,” and make your changes. Seems easy enough, right? Guess what? You just changed the labels for every module you currently have in Rise, unless you are using the “Custom … Read more