Thankful Ninjas

Table with notecard saying "thanks!" with pen next to it.

This month, we want to express our thanks, for health, employment, and peace. We hope you and yours are keeping well. We’ve all learned a lot this year. We ran an internal poll to ask about some things our team is thankful for. Here are some highlights: What are you most thankful for this year … Read more

The End of Flash: A Plan and Tool to Convert Your Content

A neon sign saying, "Change" in cursive lettering.

In 2017, Adobe announced it would “end-of-life” Flash in 2020. In the elearning industry, a lot of folks celebrated, and many more winced. At Learning Ninjas, we are excited about this announcement. The end of Flash is a huge win for the accessible and open web (and, in turn, online learning). We have been promoting … Read more

Sarah Facilitates ATD TechKnowledge Charity Hackathon

two people working on computers and reviewing notes at a table

We’re excited to announce Sarah will be leading a group of instructional designers and developers at the first ATD TechKnowledge Hackathon in San Jose today. This hackathon benefits Upwardly Global. There are about 2 million immigrants and refugees currently in the U.S. who have college degrees from their home countries but are unemployed or working … Read more

2019 Ninjas Strategic Retreat

Sticky notes on a planning sheet on a wall designating different planning stages and ideas.

We don’t have a secret lair, yet. But if we did, I like to think it would resemble the Thundercats lair (which, awesomely, people are recreating in Minecraft). Instead, we make do with cool AirBnB rentals that have plenty of space to write, learn, and debate, along with a close proximity to excellent food. This … Read more

A New Era and New Leadership

I founded Learning Ninjas in 2010 to collaborate with the brightest minds in learning and development to create innovative, impactful solutions and give back to the community. Over the years, our collective found joy in working together, teaching others, and doing meaningful work for social causes. We are proud to create good in the world … Read more

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