xAPI with SCORM – Can you do it?

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If you’re in the field of online learning, chances are you’ve heard of SCORM. What about xAPI? xAPI is exciting because it allows us to collect data about how people are interacting with content in ways we haven’t been able before. Many elearning tools like Articulate 360, dominKnow, Adapt, and others support the ability (in … Read more

WCAG AA and Articulate Rise

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We recently fielded a question from a colleague related to accessibility in Articulate Rise. Their question was: “In practice, how does Articulate Rise conform to WCAG AA?” The tl;dr answer: Articulate has a report for how Rise conforms to WCAG criteria for A and AA. It provides good information, if you read the notes. Specifically, some criteria … Read more

A Few Resources and Research on Designing Learning Experiences

We are helping one of our clients design an employee onboarding program. Our goal is to help their organization support new employees in locations across the country using a consistent, scalable approach while maintaining a strong community culture. To that end, we have recommended blended learning. While the approach you decide to take depends on … Read more

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