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SpeakerChat: Rapid Prototyping for Your eLearning Projects

This event is both a way to revisit some great eLearning Guild content from a recorded session while also getting to connect live with the speaker to ask questions and dig even deeper into the topic, tools, and techniques from their session. And best of all, it’s also free. So how does it work? There […]


Designing for Multiple Screens

Many instructional designers have experience creating storyboards prior to developing eLearning. The storyboarding process enables the designer to work through a concept and test various ways of structuring content. Storyboards are also used to communicate design concepts to eLearning developers when working in teams. Join Sarah for this session, where you'll learn how the storyboard […]

Data Strategy

Join Sean to learn why creating a data strategy is an integral part of your project. The data strategy will help inform your design, help you understand where your data is coming from, and will help you understand what outcomes you are truly looking for. In this session we will deconstruct the process of developing […]